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On October 16th, ballots will be mailed to all registered voters. We ask that you vote for the following recommended candidates:
Dawn Ramsey: Mayor
Julie Holbrook: District 3
Jason McGuire: District 5

This election will determine the future of Mulligans.

Don Shelton, incumbent in District 3, has convinced a majority of the council to add $10.8M debt to Mulligans by removing a golf course and replacing it with a park, moving and rebuilding the highly-profitable driving range, and adding a second unneeded mini-golf course, to name a few. These changes will drive unsustainable debt onto Mulligans and will eventually bankrupt it.

Unless both Mrs. Holbrook and Mr. McGuire are elected, the city council will move forward with their plans.

Save Mulligans believes the city should address maintenance issues at Mulligans over the next 3 years using Mulligans’ profits and then prioritize any needed renovations. We also urge the city to create a sustainable business plan for Mulligans.

If you have not registered to vote, here is a link: https://secure.utah.gov/voterreg/login.html?selection=REGISTER

Over 250,000 folks visit Mulligans each year. It attracts great residents and businesses to our city and is a priceless gateway to South Jordan. A majority of residents want it saved for future generations for enjoy.

Thanks for your help!

Save Mulligans

Check out our new video on why we want to keep Mulligans as Mulligans

 Thank you Brady Quinn for your fabulous work!

Effective March 29, 2017, Julie Holbrook has resigned from the Save Mulligans board. We would like to publicly thank Julie for all the work she has done to help preserve Mulligans. We wish you the best in your future endeavors!

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  1. Brook Hill /

    As I wouldn’t be opposed in re-designing Mulligans. It needs to stay a golf course. I keep hearing that city’s need to stay out of business, but most golf courses are city owned golf courses.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      Agreed, Brook. Cities took over golf courses because they made lots of money and so did Mulligan’s. Audited city reports to the state have shown Mulligan’s has paid for itself over the last 10 years of city ownership. If the city is to stay out of the sports business then let’s not have the rec center, the ice skating rink, the new splash pad or any of the baseball or soccer fields as they do not pay for themselves at all. That line of reasoning about the city not being in the sports business just doesn’t make sense.

  2. Connie Nelson /

    In our letter from the Mayor, he suggested a new park that is open to all on half of the land. I realize he is newly elected and this was in the makes before he took office. However, seriously we residents are not stupid. KEEP MULLIGANS and put a pool at the park by the rec center, it they feel we need another pool. There is far foo much traffic on 10600 now without adding more venues. If we don’t pay attention the same will happen to us as with the residents of Sandy and Draper who did not get out to vote against a school district split and now are seeing their huge increases in taxes. We cannot allow these few people to decide everything that happens in our city as they continue to spend our tax money frivolously on unnecessary surveys. They just did the same thing with their crazy idea of interfering with the school district. Lets vote this City Council out ASAP we obviously can’t afford to keep this bunch. The money we would save should keep Mulligan’s running for a very long time.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      If the city develops part of Mulligan’s it will be an open door to developing the rest of it. Plus, as you say, the added traffic will trigger the need for widening 106th – all at tax payer expense. Next November should be an eye opener.

  3. Jessica Gomes /

    I don’t want to see it developed for the mere fact of TRAFFIC!!! No more TRAFFIC on 104th!! Puullleeeaasseee!!! I’ve never been to Mulligans HOWEVER I can not tell you how nice it is to see some green space with all the concrete going up!! I see plenty of empty buildings in So Jo. Get those filled before making more! Green space is nice and HARD TO FIND! You say it is worth a cool $50M now…was $20M years ago…hold onto it. Sounds like it’s an investment! (btw $50M isn’t that much when you are building parks that are $6M 😉 This is the exact situation that you would look back and say “We shouldn’t of sold it”….TOO many cities have done that!! Let’s just consider this to be our “Central Park”!! Listen to the people, South Jordan!! Save Mulligans! Ü

  4. Brady H /

    Please leave Mulligans as it is. We have gone there as a family for years. We need to preserve the space. Families need good wholesome activities and areas to go. This helps keep kids out of trouble. Give kids something positive to do and keeps them active. Let’s maintain Mulligans as it is today.

  5. Lisa /

    South Jordan needs Mulligans! I currently live in Vail, CO and I grew up a mile away. This was my favorite spot! I was just telling my friends about how the city wants to develop this and when they looked at the price, their mouth was wide open. It’s cheap! It’s great! If they need more revenue, people will gladly pay a buck more so they can enjoy being outside and have something to do. I can’t believe the city is passing up Mr. Blair’s offer to improve Mulligans with more money! Where are kids going to go at night? There’s a higher chance for kids to get into trouble causing more money from our taxes to pay for them to stay out of trouble rather than give them a place to go.

    Ever since I moved away from home, which was about 6 years ago, there is a new development whenever I come back to visit. This disgusts me. South Jordan used to have a lot of open space. Now I can’t wait to go back to my home in Vail, CO which hasn’t changed a too much in 40 years. No 5-story buildings and plenty of open space because the people care about preservation and so do the city council members! People move to and live in Utah because they enjoy the outdoors. Apparently the city doesn’t understand this.

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