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Go here for amazing aerial photography by Kelson Davies of this priceless resource:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaWUUgrQhFg

SAVE MULLIGANS is dedicated to raising awareness in the community about the plan for South Jordan City to develop Mulligans Golf Course and the surrounding areas. By raising awareness we hope residents will voice their concerns to city officials so we can preserve what makes South Jordan great.

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If we don’t speak up, Mulligans could turn into this.


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  1. Cydnie /

    South Jordan needs areas like Mulligans. It is used by my neighbors and family for golfing, batting practice, family mini-golf outings, affordable dates for our teens. Yes, it may be slow in the cold weather, but during good weather we see a full parking lot. South Jordan doesn’t need more empty offices. We need family friendly recreation, which we have now with Mulligans. And, in the off chance that we have another flood year, we don’t need more homes and businesses down there to worry about. Considering that at one time most of the area along the river was considered protected wetland, I’m curious as to the amount of construction that has already taken place. Thank you.

    1. Joseph Baker /

      Couldnt have said it better! Save Mulligans

  2. brescia /

    This was were my husband and I would always go to for date night. This is where I first went miniature golfing. South Jordan would bejust another city if Mulligans goes. I work right across the street and I love seeing Mulligans. Kids and adults love this place and I am sure I not the only one who has made some pretty amazing memories and have had “firsts” happen here. Just think about what you will be taking away from your citizens before you act.

  3. Joyce /

    Since they plan on having all of those appartments, I am wondering if they have a place for schools and places for all of those kids to go to & play?

    1. Julie /

      As far as we know the council has not indicted any needs for new schools to the Jordan SchoolDistrict. The city council does not have any jurisdiction over schools. As for parks; any plans we have seen only leave ‘token’ parks – very small with no recreational use.

  4. Joyce /

    The experiences that I have had with the meetings on different subject is that they listen and then do what they want to do…..THEY REALLY DONT CARE WHAT THE CITIZENS WANT!!!

    1. Dan /

      Joyce is spot on… The current mayor and city council are so out of touch with what is best for the residents and what we want for South Jordan it is ridiculous. It is so obvious that they have some secret personal agenda for wanting to sell Mulligans. They were elected to represent us, not their own interests.

  5. Chris /

    Most of my friends and neighbors in South Jordan do not want the City Council to develop Mulligans. We value our open spaces and parks and wish that our City Council did as well. Mulligan’s improves our quality of life and makes the City a more attractive place to live and work. We urge the City Council to save Mulligans.

  6. Bruce /

    As Mayor Money said when we purchased Mulligans – “we’re doing this for future generations”, lets not be short sighted less then 10 years later.

  7. Cathy /

    Has everyone completely forgotten or ignored the fact that the gully is a liquefaction area when, not if, the big earthquake strikes?
    Still, I vote for Mulligans! We don’t have a lot of good family areas in the valley like this. We already have too many office buildings that are not occupied. Please save Mulligans!

  8. Rachel LeBlanc /

    Save Mulligans. We use it all the time as a family. It’s a great place.

  9. Lori /

    Sure, get rid of one of the last large green open spaces that we have. Who cares about future generations! Yay, for even more traffic and congestion on my already entirely bottlenecked drive home along 10600 and 10400 South, where I have to drive behind cars with folks smoking in them and am choking 1/2 the way home. Let’s increase that bottleneck for theatre-goers and employees at the Hale Center Theater. Sandy wants Hale Center Theater. Why not let them have it!? There must be some monetary incentive in the form of kickbacks for whoever would like to get rid of this open space. IDIOTS!!!!! And the comment above is right about the unused office space. Large, empty buildings. Now, we want more buildings and no grass to replenish the oxygen from the even more cars. Ridiculous.

  10. Amy Morishita /

    South Jordan doesn’t need more office space leading to more traffic and longer commute times. My husband works across the street and a lot of the offices in there are not even occupied. Mulligans is part of what makes South Jordan a great place to live and we as a family really would hate to see it go. Have there been any environmental impact studies for the proposed development? If you’ve ever been on 10600 South during rush hour you’ll agree that adding to the gridlock is the last thing that should be done. We need family friendly recreation like Mulligans in South Jordan. Keeping kids entertained helps keep them out of trouble. We love Mulligans

  11. Dylan VanWagoner /

    I worked at mulligans for a little while and I love that place to death. For it to be torn down would break my heart. It’s a great little attraction that people love to go to for dates, day activities, or just to golf. Getting rid of Mulligans would get rid of memories with friends, family, and loved ones. Mulligan’s should stay!

  12. Paul /

    I don’t live in South Jordan but my family and I have enjoyed recreating at Mulligans over the years. A community is made up of people and the open spaces needed to live. It’s obvious that the elected city officials are not thinking of the needs of the community but rather the greed and profits of the the developers. Remember those who want to pave over Mulligans the next time you vote.

  13. Mulligans lover /

    If the city dwellers voted for the bond to purchase the land and keep it an open green space, shouldn’t the city dwellers get to vote to repeal the decision?
    We clearly thought it was worth saving when the bond was introduced, it’s probable that not much has changed, especially considering all the new commercial growth just to the East. Mulligans is such a great sight when entering our city on a slow moving traffic road, we clearly see the benefit!

  14. Anna Florin /

    Did you see the news story on Channel 2 last night? Go here to watch it. http://www.kutv.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_11409.shtml

  15. Bruce Clegg /

    Mulligan’s should be saved.

  16. Jim Higgins /

    I lived in Riverton for a long time. I love to golf and have played Mulligans 5 or 6 times a year since I started playing the game 10 years ago. Now I live in South Jordan. I am in favor of responsible development. Destroying Mulligans in favor of a mixed use development is not responsible. Parks and green space are important elements of a community. I have heard the argument, backed by the city’s torturing of the numbers “aka audit”, that Mulligans is not profitable. Which city parks or open space are profitable? Which bring in money from outside our fair city? Only Mulligans can be seen as even close to profitable. We as South Jordan tax payers, even those that don’t frequent Mulligans, get all of the benefit with limited financial burden. Bring Hale Center Theater to South Jordan, just put it somewhere else. South Jordan doesn’t need more office, commercial, apartments or condos.

    1. Julie H /

      Thank you for all of your supportive comments. We are making a difference!
      A state audit of Mulligan’ new numbers has been requested, a condensed version of the slide presentation has been posted on this site, a PayPal button has been added to accept donations, we are in the Country Fest Parade and will also have a booth.. selling lemonade! Only 60 shirts and 50 signs are left and we are also planning a golf tournament to raise awareness and funds!
      Because of all of you we are truly changing the way this will turn out.

  17. Rory /

    Seriously this street is crowded enough we don’t need to add any more office spaces. There’s plenty of space further south for that.

  18. Anna Florin /

    In last Friday’s South Valley Journal, they had an article about South Jordan’s City Council plans. Donald Shelton was interviewed and mentioned that the city was in negotiations with the county to purchase a 100 acre park. I wondered where this might be. I wrote to several council members, but it was Chris Rogers who wrote back. Here is what they told me….

    The future Welby Regional Park property will be located at approximately 10200 S and 4800 W. As Councilman Rogers mentioned it is a joint project with at least Salt Lake County (property owner) and South Jordan City.

    For your information, in 2011 Salt Lake County conducted public survey as well as a series of meetings in South Jordan to gather information related to the needs and desires for the park and its amenities. The final document is the “draft” Welby Regional Park Master Plan (see attached). Over the past 3 years a few things have changed since the master plan was originally put together; but, the concept remains the same. All of the amenities have not yet been finalized, but the draft master plan indicates some of the amenities may include: multi-turf fields, field house, destination playground, mountain biking skill course, splash pad, overlook mound, group pavilions, outdoor courts, trails, parking lots.

    It’s interesting to me that they have to sell Mulligan’s to afford this new, bigger park.

    1. Julie H /

      Anna, you are so right about selling Mulligans to build another park further out west! The mayor posted this on his FB page a month or so ago; he wanted to sell Mulligans to build Welby Park. Not good governance!

      1. rebecca horst campbell /

        Yes you are right. They probably want to be able to put their names on this new park and forget anything that has been done in the past and the good reasons for it. Legacy building of the most artificial kind.

  19. april /

    Everyone is always saying we need to have our kids get out of the house and off of the video games so why take away a great outdoor facility for the entire family. There is plenty of land elsewhere to build more useless buildings. We need the greens and trees.

  20. Anna Florin /

    Channel 2 gave a report on Councilman Barnes having a conflict of interest. (June 9, 2014) See it here…. http://www.kutv.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_11841.shtml

  21. Kenneth Hicken /

    Developers don’t care about green. They want money. Pure greed. Youth, adults and everyone needs mulligans for the community. We don’t want to be Los Angeles.

  22. David De Graw /

    When I was the Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee, there were a good group of members on the Committee. We spent years obtaining the open land for Parks and Recreation for the future generations. All of the City politicians and administration were also in favor or of the work accomplished at the time and supported the effort to have the open spaces. If that were not so, they woldn’t have provided the funds to purchase the property when it was cheap and available. It is a shame that the recent politicians who have moved into the area later must not appreciate how much effort went into obtaining the property when it was available. The early politicians set a good example for how to develop a city that is as special as South Jordan turned out to be. Maybe the present group will follow the example of the previous politicians and keep South Jordan a place we can all be proud to call our wonderful city. I have heard that the water bill is the problem at the Golf Course, there is a water bill for all of the parks and strips around the city, why is this facility singled out to be a problem paying the bill.

    1. Julie Holbrook /

      What you are hearing regarding the cost of the water is just scare tactics from the city. Mulligans came with 65 water shares so it is watered mostly with free secondary water at NO COST to the city. It seems a few of the council members like to throw out these scare tactics so people will want to develop Mulligans.
      Thank you for serving in our city and supporting the wise purchase of open space, parks and Mulligans. Mulligans was purchased to preserve open space and families are currently able to use the facility; mini-golf, batting cages, driving ranges and take beginners golf lessons. All ages can use this facility as well as have a picnic and use the Jordan River trail. It seems the one time infusion of cash for the land is the driving reason for development.

  23. Ruby Deab /

    From the SL Trib opinion page,
    would encourage the Salt Lake City Council to reconsider its approach to funding golf courses in the city. Using a financial balance sheet seems grossly unfair. Do you measure the worth of the parks, trails, libraries, parades, festivals, ball fields, tennis courts, on that basis? I doubt that any of these activities of any cities make a profit. Typically, they all operate at a deficit.
    I don’t think that is the point. Local governments provide recreation centers, museums, senior centers, swimming pools, etc., because they enrich our lives, not because they make money. I think taxpayers realize that is where their tax money goes. We all benefit from some of these publicly funded facilities. I do not see why you would single out golf courses and expect them to be the only facilities to pay their way. Seems that golf courses are being held to a higher or different standard. Like many other things, a golf course adds to the beauty and quality of life a city offers its residences.

    Would they ever shut down a park, museum or swimming pool because it is losing money? No. Communities fund these because they realize the value they provide to others in the city. The golf courses you have targeted are gems in your city. Please fund them as fairly as you do other community facilities.

    JoAnn Cowan

  24. Ruby Dean /

    How can we keep save mulligans going? It seem that if we let this go without a fight, the mayor will sell Mulligans in a heart beat!

    1. Save Mulligans /

      You are correct, Ruby! We have been working for months on how to save this priceless resource and at this time we are winning the battle. We will be at the Health & Safety Fair on Friday from 6-9 at Heritage Park. Come support our cause and come by the booth for a free wristband.

  25. Briana /

    My dad and I frequented Mulligans in the past to hit some golf balls, play a round of golf, and to sit down and eat lunch. I would be sad to see it go, and hope they decide otherwise! I live in Sandy and know little about South Jordan, but I love Mulligans and agree that it’s a great family entertainment place.
    Save Mulligans please!!

    1. Save Mulligans /

      We agree and at this time Briana, we are winning!

  26. Richard Clayton /

    My wife and I are senior citizens and we enjoyed a game of miniature golf today. If Mulligans is shut down we would have to go to other locations to play,
    Miniature golf is a great game and we would really hate to see it and the other facilities go.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      We agree Richard! Plus, do we really want to lose our open space? Thank you for your comments.

  27. Julie Rogers /

    What a shame it would be to lose the open space and numerous activities Mulligans provides! My children grew up in this area and we, as a family and with friends, have enjoyed many activities including batting cages, miniature golf, and visits to play games and have milk shakes! Most recently, I frequently enjoy bike rides on the Jordan River Trail. It is amazing how many people are now utilizing the trail in order to exercise, spend precious time with loved ones, introduce children to the birds occupying the area, and much more. When riding through areas where development has taken place, it’s very sad to me. In these areas there a fewer varieties of birds given the noise and congestion; it is less peaceful for everyone! Please preserve this beautiful open space and Mulligans to allow other people, families, friends to create and enjoy making memories. Don’t fall victim to the all mighty dollar; this cost is far beyond any balance sheet’s reach!

  28. ask.com /

    Awesome post.

  29. Erik Rooklidge /

    I am not a resident of South Jordan but I enjoy Mulligans several times a week. I work close to Mullingans and during lunch hours I use their driving range and putting greens several times a week. I have also played foot golf on their course with my sons soccer team. I would hate to see this business close.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      We agree! When 1/4 of a million people use it annually and it pays for itself, why would anyone even WANT to destroy it? Even though you are not a resident of South Jordan you can take our survey online – if you haven’t already!

  30. Michael Peterson /

    if we stand by idly, we could one day wake to the reality that the places which are dear to us are gone. I use Mulligans often and the benefits of its use are many to me. Developing friendships, working off frustrations, getting exercise, and experiencing nature are a few of the benefits I have personally experienced. There are few places that have accomplished what Mulligans has for me that are within the valley.

    My vote is to keep Mulligans the way it is or even to expand it onto the East side of the Jordan River. I think that this would be a way to make the gateway of our city even better. We could even renovate the course to match that of a more premium course like River Oaks in Sandy or River Bend in Riverton.

  31. Jared Wilks /

    While not a resident, I am an executive of a rapidly growing tech company that chose to move to South Jordan due to the many nearby amenities. Mulligans is a significant part of those amenities. I will be less likely to recommend staying in the area if South Jordan chooses to remove this great attraction.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      You are exactly right, Jared! One of the company benefits of being located in the vicinity of Mulligans is the opportunity to be outdoors by a river with wildlife. Not much of that is left in South Jordan.

  32. Gary Williams /

    I would LOVE to see Hogle Zoo (and maybe the Tracy Aviary) move to the Mulligan’s area!!!!! Think about it–there is no better place, with water naturally flowing through it, and lots of land, in a magnificent setting, for a top notch zoo!!!! Few zoos in the world could compare with the natural beauty and surroudings. South Jordan could be proud if such a venture was to be undertaken…..DO IT! DO IT RIGHT! DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

    1. Save Mulligans /

      Thanks, Gary! I’m not sure if the Hogel Zoo or the aviary would move here but at least the animals would have a place to live. I feel that will all the renovations that have been done recently at the Hogle Zoo (with our ZAP tax) that it is becoming a top notch zoo.

  33. John N /

    I live in Sandy, but frequent Mulligans all the time. It’s my favorite driving range. Please don’t let your city leaders destroy this valuable asset.

  34. edward jacobs /

    As if we didn’t have enough traffic on 10600 already. Why the need to pave over anything good? Our city council has to be voted out.

    1. Lori Hoffman /

      Hi Eddie…..I C you R still active in preserving our planet….,
      Lori From Vermont!

  35. Courtney /

    Fix it up, make it usable or get rid of it!

    The golf course is laughable, the putting range isn’t usable and the driving range is one of the worst in Salt Lake County. The miniature golf course hasn’t been updated in 20 years and the batting cages look run down.

    If South Jordan wants to invest the money to make a better course/practice facility then I am 100% on board, which they won’t. Green space is great but mismanaged green space isn’t great. All those acres devoted to arguably the worst golf course in Northern Utah doesn’t make sense.

    Keep the mini golf, batting cages, putting range and driving range and sell off the golf course. Update everything, make it a great place for family activities while adding a new community element to that part of South Jordan.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      Thanks for your concern, Courtney and we also think that Mulligans has been neglected. The city thought they could push through developing Mulligans without anyone noticing – but we did notice early on. The city has laid off about 8 maintenance people and it shows! We will disagree with you on the driving range because several golf pros have said how good it is, however, now that it is not being maintained well they chose to go elsewhere. The golf courses are beginner golf courses and again, we agree that they are not well maintained.
      Yes, the city needs to decide to invest in Mulligans if they want it to continue to pay for itself and the revenue bond. Keep in mind that if they develop part of it, that sets a precedent for other councils to develop all of it. Plus, if you turn the remainder into something else, say a park, it will not generate any revenue and cost more.

    2. rebecca horst campbell /

      If its so terrible, why are there so many people there using the facilities on a nice day. The mini golf has definitely been updated and has been maintained very well. You are entitled to your opinion, but nothing you say is factual.

  36. William /

    Even some of us as far as Brigham City have gone there. It’s a great place. Hope it stays so I can continue go there. It is always busy when we are there. Can’t see why anyone would want to close this facility unless they have a personal stake in whatever would be going in to take it’s place.

  37. David Lemus /

    I think that having an open space around the Jordan River is better than a bunch of buildings.. I am sure that most people using the Jordan River Parkway trail would think the same. I am not a golfer but I recently discovered footgolf and Mulligans is a great place to play and develop this new sport in Utah. Also, driving around the area you might notice a bunch of empty offices or locals waiting to be occupied.. this zone is more residential than commercial.

  38. CD Fackrell /

    Mulligans needs to stay! My kids and I use Mulligans constantly. From the driving range to mini golf, batting cages…we use it all. It is the very best facility in Utah to teach young children how to golf without frustrating people on the regulation courses because of slow play. And if the recent audit is true and Mulligans is NOT losing money like was stated in earlier reports, there is absolutely ZERO reason to develop that area and get rid of the only family friendly place in South Jordan. Not to mention the wetlands…Don’t make a very short-sighted mistake and develop that area. It is part of what makes South Jordan one of the best places to live in the US.

  39. Don Taylor /

    Mulligans needs to be preserved as it is and improved for our enjoyment. This is a great asset to the city and all in the south part of the valley. Our family enjoys Mulligans and we use it all the time. It is a unique space in our valley and needs to be SAVED.

  40. Shem Fischer /

    I am a resident of South Jordan Ut. and enjoy living just
    just above Mulligans. This golf course is the defining feature
    that drew us to South Jordan. I also enjoy playing this course
    with my wife. Features such as Mulligans set’s South Jordan
    apart as the high end bedroom community we love. As such
    Developing Mulligans as proposed would be a mistake.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      Thank you! We agree! It was said to be the city icon back in 2004 when the city purchased it.

  41. Kevan Guy /

    I hope someone thinks of our kids before money for once. Mulligans is a great place for kids and families to go and enjoy.

  42. Dan /

    IF, as the city council falsely claims, Mulligans is losing so much money, why then are they planning to use the funds from selling Mulligans to develop an extremely expensive park/recreation facility at the Welby property?? The expense for development and on-going maintenance of such a park at the Welby area would cost HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, or possibly MILLIONS more of our tax dollars than Mulligans ever has or ever will cost. What kind of warped financial reasoning is that? All I can figure is that the city council members must stand to personally gain a substantial monetary benefit if they sell Mulligans.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      Your are correct, Dan. Currently, the costs for Welby are $6 Million! Plus the city is going to take over Daybreak Lake next year which will cost $600,000 per year in maintenance alone!

  43. Mick Florinn /

    I just got back from a meeting at the Mulligans Golf Course. On camera South Jordan City Councilman Chuck Newton stated that there was no access to the Jordan River from 10600 South.
    The fact is that there is a public sidewalk that leads to the river. I asked a person who worked for Mulligans and he also stated that there is a gate on the Mulligans property they keep open during public events that leads to the river parkway.
    Chuck also stated on camera that he had not seen the stacks of papers that are filled with many names of people that want to see the green space of Mulligans stay as it is for future generations. He was looking at the person on camera that was holding the names. The truth is those names have been presented to the South Jordan City Council who refused to accept them. When confronted he did not acknowledge the sidewalk or want to see the names on the petition. He just walked away quickly.
    One thing we can all agree on is “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

  44. Kathy Hintze /

    This will be my reply #2. Don’t see #1. Mulligans is a beautiful sight coming into South Jordan. Then we get to 1300 West and l0400 South. We already have a large turnover in business’s along 10400 South. Before we destroy what is already pleasing to the eye and diverse family healthy activity we need fix the really really ugly and unattended areas. I do not know how much the city receives in taxes from the south side opposite Mulligans but, I personally have only had the need to visit one or two restaurants in that area. The parks are nice to look at but I don’t see a lot of people using them. I don’t we are close enough to any other facility of the same kind that competition would be an issue. Competence in managing our city is becoming questionable. Conflict of interest need to be addressed if that is a concern.

  45. Brook Hill /

    As I wouldn’t be opposed in re-designing Mulligans. It needs to stay a golf course. I keep hearing that city’s need to stay out of business, but most golf courses are city owned golf courses.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      Agreed, Brook. Cities took over golf courses because they made lots of money and so did Mulligan’s. Audited city reports to the state have shown Mulligan’s has paid for itself over the last 10 years of city ownership. If the city is to stay out of the sports business then let’s not have the rec center, the ice skating rink, the new splash pad or any of the baseball or soccer fields as they do not pay for themselves at all. That line of reasoning about the city not being in the sports business just doesn’t make sense.

  46. Connie Nelson /

    In our letter from the Mayor, he suggested a new park that is open to all on half of the land. I realize he is newly elected and this was in the makes before he took office. However, seriously we residents are not stupid. KEEP MULLIGANS and put a pool at the park by the rec center, it they feel we need another pool. There is far foo much traffic on 10600 now without adding more venues. If we don’t pay attention the same will happen to us as with the residents of Sandy and Draper who did not get out to vote against a school district split and now are seeing their huge increases in taxes. We cannot allow these few people to decide everything that happens in our city as they continue to spend our tax money frivolously on unnecessary surveys. They just did the same thing with their crazy idea of interfering with the school district. Lets vote this City Council out ASAP we obviously can’t afford to keep this bunch. The money we would save should keep Mulligan’s running for a very long time.

    1. Save Mulligans /

      If the city develops part of Mulligan’s it will be an open door to developing the rest of it. Plus, as you say, the added traffic will trigger the need for widening 106th – all at tax payer expense. Next November should be an eye opener.

  47. Jessica Gomes /

    I don’t want to see it developed for the mere fact of TRAFFIC!!! No more TRAFFIC on 104th!! Puullleeeaasseee!!! I’ve never been to Mulligans HOWEVER I can not tell you how nice it is to see some green space with all the concrete going up!! I see plenty of empty buildings in So Jo. Get those filled before making more! Green space is nice and HARD TO FIND! You say it is worth a cool $50M now…was $20M years ago…hold onto it. Sounds like it’s an investment! (btw $50M isn’t that much when you are building parks that are $6M ;) This is the exact situation that you would look back and say “We shouldn’t of sold it”….TOO many cities have done that!! Let’s just consider this to be our “Central Park”!! Listen to the people, South Jordan!! Save Mulligans! Ü

  48. Brady H /

    Please leave Mulligans as it is. We have gone there as a family for years. We need to preserve the space. Families need good wholesome activities and areas to go. This helps keep kids out of trouble. Give kids something positive to do and keeps them active. Let’s maintain Mulligans as it is today.

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